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Fire Hose Reels

The M-Tech Fire Hose Reel is designed for easy operation by one person and is ideal for both caravan parks and marinas. Constructed using a marine grade aluminium powder coated mounting stand, the reel can be easily installed on either a pontoon system or bolted directly to a secure foundation.
M-Tech Fire Hose Reel 1M-Tech Fire Hose Reel 2The reel itself is manufactured from stainless steel to AS/NZS 1221 and contains 36 metres of 19mm textile braided reinforced UV stable thermoplastic hose. All valves and fittings are manufactured from brass and the twist to operate on/off jet nozzle delivers a smooth water jet of 6 metres, with an inlet pressure at the stop valve of 220kPA meeting all standard requirements of AS/NZS 1221.
A stainless steel interlock mechanism is also provided for the retention of the hose nozzle which prevents the hose being run out without first opening the valve. 


  • 1300mm marine grade aluminium powder coated mounting stand
  • Hose reel mounting plate
  • Stainless steel pipe assembly
  • Stop valve and connecting union
  • Stainless steel hose reel, red powder coated, AS/NZS1221
  • 36 metres of 19mm reinforced UV stable hose
  • Brass valves and fittings
  • Twist to operate on/off jet nozzle
  • Interlock mechanism for hose nozzle
  • Operation instruction manual
  • Optional life buoy/floating throwing rope
  • Optional manual call points
  • Optional audio/visual alarm system
  • Optional hose reel covers
M-Tech Fire Hose Reels Brochure Download