To Whom It May Concern:

KECO custom fit a portable pump out for The Anchorage Inn and Marina in 2000. It has worked great for 8 years under constant use and in the destructive environment of the North Carolina Outer Banks. We highly recommend KECO to other marina owners.

Bill Gilbert
The Anchorage Inn and Marina
Ocrcoke Island, North Carolina

Dear Keco:

18 years ago I called your company in search of one of the only pump-outs to be installed in the Tidewater region of the Chesapeake Bay. It was purchased on a shoe string budget in an attempt to help the local environment ....everyone thought I was wasting my time. Today with the help of your reliable equipment which we still have in operation with the new custom built dual pump we continue to contribute to Mother Nature daily by deterring waste from entering the Lynnhaven River the only No Discharge Zone on the coast of Virginia. Thanks to your equipment and the fantastic service it has been simple for me and my staff, to cooperate with the state mandates of black water control. By the way we are the first Virginia Clean Marina in Virginia Beach. Thanks again for the help through out the years. Say hello to Kim.

Joe Andrew
Asst GM/Harbormaster

Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club
1052 Cardinal Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

To Whom It May Concern:

We have a small 17 slip marina and were required to install a pump-out system. Some companies wouldn’t return my requests for quotation for a system – I guess they weren’t interested in such a small application – Keco made me feel like a much larger marina with the attention that they gave.

Keco was great in helping me with my pump-out system design and installation. They even helped me with my CVA grant application – providing price quotes, diagrams, and assistance with piping, valve and other component selection, some of these diagrams made it on their website!

With their help and numerous phone calls and emails, I was able to do most of the installation myself and they helped develop a testing process to insure that the system was working as designed.

We installed a system with in-slip pump-out capability. This has enabled us to schedule pump-outs during the less busy weekdays and has kept my pump-out dock free for transient dockage and pump-outs.

At every step of the process I received timely and quality support from the Keco staff. They make an extremely high quality product and their support and product knowledge is outstanding.

Keith Jones
Compass Marina
Mobjack, Virginia

Dear Keco,

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with both of our Keco pump units. I was very pleased that the skid mounted pumpout system you designed with the 225 gal tank, worked perfectly on the barge that we had manufactured. The marina is now able to offer a portable pumpout service that our customers love. They no longer have the hassle of making a trip to the fuel dock just to pump out. However, if they do make the trip to the fuel dock, the peristaltic hose pump I ordered in 2006 is working great. I have had several transient boaters, and slip renters comment on how easy and fast that our dockside pumpout works. Thank you and your staff for making such a great and user friendly product.

Russ Cranford, CMM

Dear Keco:

Palm Island Marina purchased a portable, aluminum-frame Keco Pump-A-Head model 510 with a diaphragm pump on August 25, 2004. We use our portable machine 40 to 50 times per week, and we have had zero down-time the entire life of the machine.

Palm Island Marina is located in Charlotte Harbor, Florida-- an area known for its highly aggressive and corrosive salt-water environment. Our Keco machine, with its aluminum and stainless cart, still looks and operates like new after nearly 4 years of continuous use!

Our Keco machine is operated by our dock-hands and it is very easy and clean to operate. Maintenance of our Keco pump-out is very minimal and usually consists of semi-annual preventive maintenance such as replacing the pump diaphragm and suction nozzle.

In summary, Palm Island Marina is very impressed with our Keco machine and the service and customer support that Keco supplies us. I would highly recommend Keco’s machines and services to anyone interested in a quality, well built, pump-out machine.

Tim Lynch
General Manager
Palm Island Marina

Three seasons ago it became apparent that our holding tank system of some twenty five years ways failing. When we took our vacuum pump to have it overhauled to get it ready for the next season the pump company in Stockton no longer employed any one who would work on anything that old and the company wasn’t sure they could find parts for it if someone would work on it. That started us thinking do we just replace the pump or do we go ahead and do a systems up grade? The fall MRA Convention (Marina Recreation Association) was just a few weeks away so the decision was made to wait until the convention to speak with the vendors at the convention to see what was out on the market.

In the mean time I spoke with local marinas both private and public to see what system seemed to be working trouble free and to see who might be making a purchase in the foreseeable future so that I could find out more about the process and financing. The system that all of the marinas in our area were purchasing was the Keco Pump – A – Head system.

At the MRA convention I spoke with all of the vendors but had already made up my mind that safety in numbers was a good thing and that if three of my friends had the same system in their marinas that was good enough for me.

I made contact with Alex Bleier of Keco at the convention we made an appointment to meet at our harbor several weeks after the convention. Alex did a site assessment at the harbor I told him what our needs were and one of them was that I wanted a turn key operation.

A week later a proposal of work was on my door step. Alex was able to find a local plumbing contractor who could do the install work. He came out to the site prior to submitting a bid estimate to Alex. We now had a plan the proposal was sent up to the Department of Boating and Waterways for approval. We applied for and received a 75-25 matching grant from DBAW. The project was approved by the State we were off to the races. The project was completed in time for our Memorial Day Weekend guests.

Other than the normal systems start up issues which were minor our system has worked flawlessly. I don’t have a single complaint about Keco.

Chris Lauritzen III
Harbor Master/Partner
Lauritzen Yacht Harbor

To Whom It May Concern:

Our old pump-out, which was purchased from KECO, was more than 12 years old and still working. Given the age of the unit, the new technology in pumps and the Department of Boating and Waterways Grant, we decided it was time to replace our exisiting KECO Pump-a-Head with a new KECO Pump-a-Head. Keco helped with the Boating and Waterways Grant Application. The new pump works better than the old one. It has a cover so the pump itself is not in the open, making the dock look "cleaner". We were able to hook it up to our electronic gate key system so the pump is open to the public during the day and any marina tenants have 24 hour access.

KEKO's service and knowledge are outstanding. I recommend them to anyone considering installing and
new pump-out.

Tess Jones, Operations Director
Riverbank Marina
P.O. Box 340658
Sacramento, CA 95833

We have been happy with the Keco Inc. and their products since the inception of the peristaltic waste pump-out installed at our Thamesport Marina in 2005. We would recommend them to anyone.

Thamesport Marina
New London, Connecticut

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